All things Oo Spa

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to step foot into a spa in the eastern hemisphere of the world, you likely indulged in a very distinctive experience.

In eastern culture, the emphasis on wellness, service excellence and expertise are unparalleled from the so-called mastery of the west.

On a quest to redefine the standards within the tertiary sector; Oo Spa is the first of its kind to blend this cross-pollination of traditional Japanese practices with a modernized, state-of-the-art, western approach. 

Dissatisfied with the operations stemming from the western realm, our founders set foot to bring the ‘Omotenashi’ principle of Japanese gold standards of beauty and wellness all the way to Vancouver, Canada.

With an uncanny emphasis on uniting luxury settings in a tranquil, nature-influenced environment. Incorporating traditional elements within eastern health practices is our specialty. Therefore, treating the individual as a whole – going above and beyond the diameters of ordinary assistance. The concept of healing the mind, body and soul is an embodiment that we vowed to personify. 

Formulating an upscale, Japanese inspired Spa and Gentlemens Barber Shop that specialises in innovative, all-natural facial treatments for everyone and traditional Japanese grooming services, explicitly for men.

At Oo Spa, we believe in educating our clients and tailoring our expertise towards their personalised needs. From the moment a guest steps through our doors, they are greeted with the utmost respect and generosity.

A classic waiting room is expected in the west, however, carrying over the customary geniality from the east, our clients are swiftly guided into their service. Our guests are provided the option to unwind and relax prior-to and after their completed service in our Japanese Zen Lounge, with preference on complimentary refreshments. 

Our Barbers Shop provides a serene escape – a private sanctuary where the modern businessman, or everyday individual can relax while enjoying a seamless grooming experience fit for royalty.

Cultivating the vast distinction between barbering techniques; the Japanese Barber is an artist who is simply a master of their craft. Trained to not only analyse your facial structure and features, but to provide you with a new 'do’ that you love, alongside one that enhances your unique appearance.

Undergoing rigorous practicums with extensive years of training, gaining a Master title is anything but simple. Services that appear as an add-on elsewhere, are considered normality at Oo Spa.

Vastly dissimilar from the high speed, revolving environment that you find elsewhere, our scheduling is limited. Ensuring that our Master Barber has enough time to personally dedicate to each client, guaranteeing that all their needs are taken care of while the service and outcome is one that they’ll remember forever. 

Our skincare bar integrates cutting-edge technology with traditional Asian health practices that have been around for thousands of years.

Carrying over an award-winning, all-natural product line by the name of Myufull that was established over 35 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. Packed with the highest quality ingredients, that are sourced in a sustainable manner.

Focusing on holistic elements, each component within a product has a particular range of benefits that have been proven to support the body both internally and externally. Our specialists work with our clients one-on-one to address concerns, creating a customised plan that is best suited to their needs

Anticipating the reformation of the wellness industry, Oo Spa is eager to share its excellence and one-of-a-kind take on providing superior hospitality in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

We can’t wait for you to experience tranquility, tradition and undeniable luxury.

To learn more about our innovative services, and world-renowned product line, head over to our website.