As humans we often look for treatments and products that provide instant results. Such as concealer, botox, laser etc. But what we keep forgetting are the long term effects and health benefits for our overall well-being. Of course receiving instant gratification is great, but have you thought about the day when you stop relying on these instant results? Are you able to walk out that door with the same amount of confidence as before? If your answer is no then not to worry, we're here to help. We want to assist in achieving long lasting flawless skin that will give you 100% confidence when walking out the door without the help of any concealer and other cosmetic procedures.

Sun Damage & Saccharification

First and foremost, we often ignore and forget the one thing that's around us daily which causes the most damage to our skin. If you're thinking the sun then bingo! As much as we love what Mother Nature has to offer and the wonderful warmth it provides, we must not forget that exposure to too much sun can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Aside from the outer layer damages, the sun can also cause Saccharification. This is a process where sugars bond with proteins such as collagen and elastin. This process can accumulate AGEs (Advanced Glycation End) which diminishes the skins ability to maintain its plumpness. As our skin is continuously exposed to the sun and other  environmental factors, it is slowing being damaged over time. 

As displayed here, we applied Myufull Natural Lotion on half of this toast and the other half was left in its natural state. We popped the toast in the toaster on high and 3 minutes later the half with Myufull Natural Lotion was not burnt at all where as the other half without protection is completely toasted. So remember, always apply lotion! You wouldn't want to wake up one day looking like this burnt toast. Click here to see the full video of our toast experiment. 

The Importance of SPF 

Now we all have those lazy days and don't want to apply so many products onto our face, which explains why we are constantly looking for instant results. Think about it this way, as humans we need to drink water and consume food everyday just for basic survival needs, adding that extra 5 minutes into our daily routine will only be beneficial in the long run. The last thing you'd want would be to wake up 10 years later and regret not taking better care of yourself back in the day. Which is why we must always remember that SPF is our best friend! Apply that sunscreen on generously, just like how our body needs water, our skin needs sunscreen.

Our Myufull ProtectGel will protect your skin from the sun. This water-resistant, SPF-17 sunscreen will not leave a white tint. It is not made with oils, which in turn will not clog your pores. Enriched with Growth Factor Serum, maize, rapeseed oil, citric acid and quince seeds, this product will not only protect you from UV Rays but also nourish your skin and reduce those unwanted fine lines.  

Next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering why those wrinkles and sun spots are there, remember to ask yourself, have you applied lotion and sunscreen?