Every strand of hair tells a story, and at the heart of that story is a healthy scalp. At Oo Spa, we believe in nurturing that narrative with the best nature and technology have to offer.

Presenting our Signature Japanese Headspa Scalp Treatment - an experience crafted to redefine hair wellness.

Using pioneering Japanese technology, our treatment stands unique. The secret lies in our utilization of highly alkaline water, enriched with an infusion of extra hydrogen molecules. This isn't just water; it’s an elixir that penetrates deep into hair follicles, purging them of impurities. From dead skin cells, excess oil, to debris and even the most stubborn hormones that might deter optimal hair growth, our treatment ensures a comprehensive cleanse. And while the results are transformative, the process remains rooted in nature. No harsh chemicals, steam, heat, serums, or shampoos; just the pure, gentle power of nature and science working in tandem.

Each session commences with a personalized touch. We understand that every individual is unique, and so are their hair and scalp concerns. Our adept professionals engage with you in a dedicated consultation, sculpting a treatment plan tailored just for you. As you settle into our serene space, we prepare you with a tranquil traditional scalp massage - a luxurious prelude to the main treatment.

The main event, our Signature Japanese Scalp Treatment, takes center stage as the alkaline water works its magic, refreshing and revitalizing your hair from root to tip. But - our indulgence doesn’t end there. Enhancing the therapeutic journey, a shoulder and neck massage awaits, melting away any lingering stress. Finally, a professional drying session ensures you emerge from Oo Spa, not just feeling, but also looking renewed.

Once you’ve dived into the world of our Signature Japanese Scalp Treatment, regular hair routines might feel mundane in comparison. This isn't just a treatment; it's an embrace of age-old wisdom, state-of-the-art technology, and luxurious care.


Who Can Benefit?

The Japanese Headspa Scalp Treatment at Oo Spa isn’t just a luxury but an essential care regimen that caters to a spectrum of hair and scalp concerns:

  • Seasonal Scalp Issues: Winter often brings with it a host of scalp problems, from dryness to itchiness. Our treatment helps counteract these seasonal foes.
  • Eczema and Related Conditions: Those battling eczema or similar skin conditions on the scalp will find solace in our gentle yet effective treatment.
  • Hair Loss and Thinning: If hair loss or thinning is a concern, our specialized regimen can help rejuvenate the scalp, creating a favorable environment for hair growth.
  • Chemically Treated or Damaged Hair: Chemically treated or bleach-damaged hair? Our treatment can help restore balance, moisture, and vitality.

Frequency Matters:

The journey to optimal scalp health varies for everyone. For some, particularly those tackling hair loss, thinning, or severe scalp conditions, it might be beneficial to visit once every two weeks for a couple of months. For others, a monthly session for a few consecutive months might suffice. Regardless of your hair's current state, prioritizing scalp health is essential. Think of it as the foundation to your crowning glory – the healthier the scalp, the more radiant your hair.

At Oo Spa, our dedication lies in offering unparalleled experiences, harnessing the finest techniques and products to promise you rejuvenation in every sense. Ready to turn the page to a new chapter of hair wellness? Reserve your spot today for a transformational journey. Kindly note, while we ensure you leave feeling refreshed, this treatment does not encompass professional hair styling.