Luxe-Skin Anti-Aging Device Bundle

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Not like the rest

Recently purchased this device from Oo Spa in Vancouver. At first I thought it was like the other devices on the market but after using it at the store I realized it was nothing like the other devices I had tried. It works. I saw results instantly. Not just for my face but for my neck and back areas. I love the attachments. highly recommended!

Facials at home

I have been using this device now since November 2022. It feels like I am giving myself a facial at home. My skin feels soft, tight and my skin is no longer excessively oily. I just began learning how to use the attachments for my knees and they have helped my knee pain as well.

Jessica M

"I have been using the Myufull line for about a month now and absolutely LOVE how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. The cleanser is my favourite out of any cleanser I've used in the past. My skin feels smooth to the touch. I don't get oily later in the day and my pores are clear and clean!"